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Poster: leftwinger57 Date: Oct 31, 2010 7:30am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: taping digression

TO LIA, Your post for the most part was spot on. I'd have to say it all begins and ends w/management. I mean loyal but intelligent legal types who can read and disect contracts and all the riders and minutiae that goes w/ it.
Bear should have been given his walking papers so much earlier. Yes he knew some audio -electronics but he was a chemist. The whole idea that you put 6 band members together and then they have make choices of who stays on , no the band's only concern was to turn out the best music period.Look at another example, Pink Floyd had the same growing pains w/a major member being replaced and their sound changeing all the time. But they invested wisely and
started to mold their own monstrous sound system to be a profitable model. Yes the Dead had a booking agency, travel
agency and their own record co. for awhile. none of this
really came together effectively and suffered dearly for it.The WOS went and was pared down Round Records never turned a profit and then you still have 6 guys decideing
who they should fire.No band should ever be put in the position to do that. In the end though I always heard that the Dead was the Highest grossing touring band for consecutive years beating the Stones and U-2.So where did all this cash go?Crew, teamsters, lighting,venues, agents and managers there's still plenty to go around if done correctly.It all starts w/ management and production...